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What are the main features of FM WhatsApp APK?


In addition to the basic features of WhatsApp, mods add a lot more functionality. Among them is FM WhatsApp. More than a million users love it because of its cool features and regular updates. In this topic, we will discuss features and why you should download them right now. Dual WhatsApp accounts can be used simultaneously on the same phone as FM WhatsApp. By changing WhatsApp’s theme, you can customize its appearance. A number does not need to be saved on your device in order to send a message.

It is one of the top-rated mods of WhatsApp which is developed by a popular developer Fouad MODS. In FMWhatsApp, you get extended features along with the chatting function of WhatsApp messenger. You can use your WhatsApp mobile number to sign up for FMWhatsApp and you will be able to use the extended features. And no one in your contact will be able to identify that you’re on a WhatsApp mod. The official website named gbwamod( offers the latest updates of FMWhatsApp. Thanks.

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